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Faculty and Staff

School Leaders

Andreas Thiergen Martin Gabel
Andreas Thiergen
Schulleiter/Head of School, Deutsch 10D
Martin Gabel
Deputy Head of School, Deutsch, Ethik, Sozialkunde Sekundarstufe

Section Heads


Larence Buck Nicole Javier Jabbie Rosario Christoph Grandt Dana Schulz
Lawrence Buck
Head of International Section, Senior Management Team, Geography, History

Nicole Javier
Head of Early Years,
Class Teacher Pre-Primary

Jabbie Rosario
Head of Primary International Section

Dr. Christoph Grandt
Head of German Secondary, Leiter Sekundstarstufe, Mathe 10D, 11, 12 (HL), Physik, Steuergruppe, School Development Projects
Dana Schulz
Leitung Deutscher Kindergarten
Florian Simmelbauer Karen Carcamo Victor Clack  
Florian Simmelbauer
Leitung Deutsche Grundschule, Klassenlehrer 5D
Karen Carcamo
Head of IB Diploma Programme, Senior Management Team, Math 10I
Victor Clack
Guidance Counselor/Beratungslehrer

School Administrator

Head of Marketing

Volker Ross Ethel Concepcion
Volker Ross
Head of Administration, Senior Management Team
Ethel Concepcion
Marketing Director

Support Staff

 Cornejo Avelina Maria Leonora Carane Pearl Cezar Michelle Hombrubueno Ethelwelda Cruz
Cornejo Avelina
Chief Accountant
Maria Leonora Carane
Accounting Assistant
Pearl Alayacyac
Acctg. Asst. cum Admin
Michelle Hombrubueno
Secretary to the Administrator
Ethelwelda Cruz
Secretary to the
Head of School
Angelita Curnando Megelyn Agravante
Angelita Curnanado
Kiga Assistant
Megelyn Agravante
Kiga Assistant


Rebekka Pfaff Fe Hildebrandt
Rebekka Pfaff
Fe Hildebrandt
Assistant Librarian


Kayode Alowu Carmel Jane Andrada Tim Balaz Christina Bärtges Loraine Belarmino
Kayode Alowu
Grade 1I Classroom Teacher
Carmel Jane Andrada
Grade 5I Classroom Teacher, English
Tim Balaz
Classroom Teacher Grade 5I, History 6I
Christina Bärtges
DaF in Preschool and Primary, Project leader of Enforcement of Democratic Structures, students' reps, House System
Loraine Belarmino
Kindergarten Teacher
Ulrich Breitenback Lawrence Buck Matthew Campbell Karen Carcamo Victor Clack
Ulrich Breitenbach
Klassenlehrer 6D, Englisch, Sport
Lawrence Buck
Head of International Section, Senior Management Team, Geography Secondary
Matt Campbell
Classroom Teacher Grade 12B, English HL 9, 10, 11, 12, TOK 11
Karen Carcamo
Head of IB Diploma Programme, Senior Management Team, Math 10I
Victor Clack
Guidance Counselor/Beratungslehrer
Valerie Cornelissen Nathalie Dangel Cecilia De Leon Rommel Del Mundo Tibi Dragoiu Luca
Valerie Cornelissen
French 6I-8I, English Primary
Nathalie Dangel
Klassenlehrerin 4D, inclusion specialist
Cecilia De Leon
Arts 6I-10I
Rommel Del Mundo
Business Studies, Economics 9I,10I, 11, 12
Tibi Dragoiu Luca
Classroom Teacher Grade 8I, General Science, Physics, Maths IB
Jason Farrel Julien Ferrandon Sunshine Ferrandon Carl Fütterer Martin Gabel
Jason Farrel
Classroom Teacher Grade 3I, English 6I
Julien Ferrandon
Classroom Teacher Grade 10I, French 9I-10I, English (B) 11, 12
Sunshine Ferrandon
Music Teacher -- International Section
Carl Fütterer
Biologie Sekundarstufe und GIB
Martin Gabel
Deputy Head of School, Deutsch, Ethik, Sozialkunde Sekundarstufe
Christoph Grandt Torsten Herzog Ralph Hoffmann Timo Hölzchen Olivia Hombrebueno
Christoph Grandt
Lehrer Sekundarstufe, Mathe 10D, 11, 12 (HL), Physik
Torsten Herzog
Klassenlehrer 1D
Ralph Hoffmann
Musik Grundschule und Sekundarstufe, English Secondary
Timo Hölzchen
Klassenlehrer 9D, Sport, Mathe Sekundarstufe
Olivia Hombrebueno
Learning Support Teacher
Nicole Huber Nicole Javier  Jagdamba Khanna Florian Kaltenhäuser Betsy Kroll
Nicole Huber
Klassenlehrerin 10D, Kunst, Erdkunde, Biologie Sekundarstufe
Nicole Javier
Head of Early YEars, Classroom Teacher Pre Primary
Khanna Jagdamba
Classroom Teacher Grade 4I
Florian Kaltenhäuser
Deutsch, Koordination DaF/DaZ Sekundarstufe
Betsy Kroll
Classroom Teacher Grade 11, English< French, TOK IB
Franziska Lippmann Vincent Mortillero Katrin Parker Rebekka Pfaff Bradley Ransom
Franziska Lippmann
DaF, Französisch
Vincent Mortillero
Classroom Teacher Grade 2I
Katrin Parker
Rebekka Pfaff
Bradley Ransom
Classroom Teacher Grade 6I, Sport, English 8I
Patricia Ransom Ander Iza Jabbie Rosario Mark Rosario Herbert Salvenmoser
Patricia Ransom
Classroom Teacher Grade 12A, Biology, Chemistry, ESS
Ander Iza
Spanish IB, Sport
Jabbie Rosario
Head of Primary International Section
Mark Rosario
Math, ICT secondary
Herbert Salvenmoser
Klassenlehrer 3D
Dave Santos Jens Schieban David Schoonewolff Dana Schulz DaStefan Schweitzer
Dave Santos
Additional Needs Programme Coordinator
Jens Schieban
Classroom Teacher Grade 11B, Deutsch, DaF, 10I-12
David Schoonewolff
DaF 4I-10I, Kunst, Grundschule
Dana Schulz
Leitung Deutscher Kindergarten
Stefan Schweitzer
Klassenlehrer 7D, Mathe, Physik, ICT Sekundarstufe
Rachel Silverio Florian Simmelbauer Regine Teßmar Andreas Thiergen Andrea Tietze
Rachel Silverio
Music, Arts Primary
Florian Simmelbauer
Leitung Deutsche Grundschule, Klassenlehrer 5D
Regine Teβmar
Klassenlehrerin 2D
Andreas Thiergen
Schulleiter/Head of School Deutsch 10D
Andrea Tietze
Französisch, Sport Sekundarstufe
Jo Anne Tirtasana Markus Tirtasana Ryan Alvin Torrejos Jeffrey Troyer Deborah Viereck
Jo Anne Tirtasana
Teacher Assistant, Primary
Markus Tirtasana
Ryan Alvin Torrejos
Psychololgy IB
Jeff Troyer
Classropom Teacher Grade 9I, History Secondary, IB
Deborah Viereck
Siegfried Wagner Rich Walrath Maika Weinert Hendrik Wetzel Maria Rösner
Siegfried Wagner
IB-Prep, Chemie GIB, Coord. G 4 Bantayan Programme
Rich Walrath
Classroom Teacher 7I, Computer Science, ICT, General Science, Geography Secondary, Homepage, IT school system
Maika Weinert
Koordination DaZ/DaF KiGa/Grundschule
Hendrik Wetzel
Geschichte, DaZ, Ethik Sekundarstufe/GIB
Maria Rösner
Grundschule Intern

All members of the teaching staff have either the two German state examinations or an equivalent master's degree with teaching qualifications. Our rule is that the teacher must have at least two years of professional experience in the German school system before they can teach at our school. Corresponding qualifications expected of the teachers of the European branch.

The class teachers and classroom teachers are responsible for the everyday welfare of their students. They are usually the first point of contact for parents. They know their pupils very well, because they observe all aspects of child development at school.

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