Typhoons and Severe Weather Procedures

Dear parents,

Please adhere to the regulations in the event of a typhoon signal or a heavy rainfall advisory.

The school follows the Official announcement of the Paranaque Mayor and the DepEd guidelines and procedures with regards to typhoons and flood warnings.

  1. With a typhoon signal number 1 there are no classes in Kindergarten and preschool. Teachers still report for work.
  2. With a typhoon signal number 2 lessons are cancelled in all grades for both students and teachers.
  3. With a heavy rainfall advisory of Orange or Red lessons are cancelled in all grades for students and teachers.

Occasionally local conditions at the parent’s residences may indicate the need for a separate decision. In this case the final decision will be that of the parents.

It is the parent’s responsibility to check announcements on the day of the event regarding typhoon warnings. Real time information can be found by watching ABS/CBN Channel 2 News, GMA 7 or accessing http://twitter.com/dost_pagasa. It is advisable that you note this information down and/or save the webpage in your favourite’s box.

For heavy rainfall information can also be accessed through ABS/CBN Channel 2 News, GMA 7 or PAGASA by accessing their official website http://www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/

The school will also send out notification via SMS and through our Facebook page. However, notification via SMS is not always 100% reliable so if you don’t receive an SMS but are aware of the signal warning through the media above please follow the guidelines in a.) b.) and c.)

In the case that a child does arrive at school during a signal number 2 warning or a flood warning if it is unsafe to return home that child will still be supervised.

With kind regards

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