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Application Process and Forms


As an international school, German European School Manila admits students of all nationalities provided that they comply with the school's requirements and admission process.

Applications for admission in the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary of the German European School Manila go through the following steps:

GESM Admission Process


1. First Contact

Interested parties may get in touch with the Admin Office (Contact Us for more information) to set a meeting. Please use “student’s name, application, intended grade” as the e-mail’s subject.

2. Initial Meeting

On this meeting, the student submits the following requirements:

  • ID- Card or Photocopy of the student’s passport / Kopie des Reisepasses (wenn ein solcher vorhanden ist)
  • Report Card for the past 2 years
    Kindergarten and Pre-School present certifications if available.
    These certifications might be sent by e-mail on forehand.
    Schulzeugnisse der letzten zwei Jahre; jedoch nicht, wenn ein Wechsel in den Kindergarten erfolgt.

3. Application test and interview

The school reserves the right to require an application tests before accepting a student.
Math, English, (German) and general academic capabilities might be assessed.
In special cases this test might be taken under the supervision of another institution abroad. 

At Kindergarten and Primary level 1 and 2 an assessment is based on standardised observa-tion comprising academic skills, social and personal competences.

Students with the following certification may be exempted from the application test:

  • Students from any class of the German system with all passing grades. (German Section) 
  • Students from any class of a British or American school system with all passing grades. (European Section)

4. Submission of the application form

Please click here for your copy of the Application Form.

5. Approval and Enrolment

The completed application form and his recommendation will be endorsed by the Head of Section within 7 days to the Head of School for final approval.

6. Signing of contract and Admission Fee Payment

Successful applicants sign the school’s contract and pay their admission fees at the Account-ing Office 10 days after the pedagogical approval.

7. First day of school

Upon final signature and receipt of the admission fee, applicants will receive a Welcome Letter to signify their admission to the school.


Applicants may contact the GESM Administration Office through the following:

Telephone: +63 2 776 1000
Cellphone: +63 906 271 6736
Fax: +63 2 824 1517
Email: secretariat@gesm.org
Address: #75 Swaziland St., Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City

How to find the correct class level

Children reaching the age of 5 before September, 30 of the same year enter Pre-School.

In admission year 2017/2018 they must be born before September, 30 2012.

All children reaching the age of 6 before September, 30 of the same year enter grade 1.

In admission year 2017/2018 they must be born before September, 30 2011.

Parents may ask the school to postpone the first day at Pre-school or grade 1.

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