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Kulturband Update

As it turns out, many of the children across the grade levels have similar if not the same topic. The Primary teachers decided to hold a focused group discussion with the students in their homogeneous groupings. It was an opportune time for older students to mentor the young ones and the young ones to see an example from their elders how a personal inquiry can be conducted.

Having chosen their topics and lines of inquiry a few months ago, students have begun to gather data in their personal times. There are stories of families going on their own field trips and conducting interviews with experts or resource persons to help shape the children’s personal inquiry. As the groups met last week and shared some of their findings, they also brainstormed ways to present their data in a way that is interesting. If we look back at the PYP Inquiry Cycle, they are now finding out, sorting out, and going further. We thank you for your support in your child’s learning and we hope you will not tire in doing so!

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