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SEA Games in 2017

The upcoming South East Asian Games (S.E.A-Games) is a sports tournament that takes place every two years in German schools all over Southeast Asia. This year it takes place in Jakarta. In preparation for these games, we held try-outs last weekend. From Friday to Sunday a group of 31 students, including myself, pushed ourselves to the limit all weekend long to take down our best times in individual sports, such as swimming and track and field, or our efforts in team sports, such as football and volleyball.

After taking down the best times, heights and efforts, we were able get a general idea of which students we could send to Jakarta. It was a very competitive, but fair weekend because we had only 20 slots to fill.

Although, in addition to all the numbers we had to make sure that each of our students were also mentally fit for the S.E.A-Games, because not only are the games physically tough, but they also take a toll on one’s mind. We needed to make sure that each student could still keep a smile on their face even after being pushed past their breaking point.

All in all, this weekend was an experience that shall never be forgotten, due to the amazing people and the immense skills that were brought to the table.

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