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Sharing the Planet – Let’s go planting!

In Grade One we are exploring our Unit of Inquiry on Sharing the Planet; the Central idea is we share our local environment with other living creature. In our school environment The Students are showing understanding of how we take responsibilities of taking good care of plants and animals.

All students in Grade One are taking responsibilities of their plants in school by watering them daily and that shows a great understanding of how we need to protect our plants and watch them grow. We also have Hamsters in class as well which the students feed.

Our Lines of Inquiry are:

  • Living creatures in our local environment
  • Characteristics and nature of different living creature
  • Caring for living creatures in our local environment

Our Learners Attitude is:

  • Caring, reflective and empathy
  • Our Key Concept:

    • Form, Causation, Change responsibilities

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